My First 13.1, Week 3, Runs 7-10

Oh man…how did three weeks go by so fast! It is amazing how forcing myself to be committed to these posts makes me so much more aware of how time is passing and how my to do list is staying the same. I am not talking about the daily stuff like cleaning, meal prepping, meditating, exercising, and now running. I am talking about the bigger stuff, like this website. I have so many great posts drafted, but if I am honest with myself, I have not been great with time management. I KNOW I can make time if I plan it out. I did it in Week 2 when I had to wake up an hour earlier and drive in an opposite direction from home after work to take care of those darling little furr-babies. Life is full, but I have so much more that I want to do! I will be exploring all of that mess in a future post, but it’s after 10 PM and I told myself that I would get more than 6 hours of sleep and 4:45 is right around the corner, so for now let’s focus on My First 13.1 Week 3!

Week 3’s lesson was all about mantras and how they can help to carry me and you through the tough times in a run. I love a good mantra, one in particular that carried me through engineering school was, “I am smarter than I give myself credit for”. It felt right at the time. I often doubted myself and school was tough. The thing with mantras is that you can’t fake-it-till-you-make-it, you actually have to believe your mantras at least a little bit. If you can’t feel your mantra, or worse, if you feel the complete opposite of your mantra it won’t get you where you desire.

My running mantra: I am strong, I am powerful!

I have a few other mantras that I practice, but this one was one that I felt my way to in Run #7. It’s simple and easy to remember when really pushing my limits. I found it meditative during my temp run this week and also when making my way to the top of a bridge during my long run.

Do you use mantras? If you do, what is your favorite? If you don’t, what would you make a mantra for?

Run 7: 30 min, treadmill, 5.2 mph. Last 2 min 6 mph

Run 8: 40 min, interval outside, 4.4 mi, 9:32 pace

Run 9: 20 min, recovery outside, 1.6 miles 13:12 pace

Run 10: 50 min, long outside, 5.3 mi, 9:26 pace

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