My First 13.1, Week 1, Runs 1-3

Lawd, oh lawd….I don’t know what I was thinking when I set a goal of running the Honolulu Marathon in 2020. The furthest I have run is just shy of 12 miles and I hated at least half of it. Well, I figured that the best thing to do is to try out a half-marathon to break the legs and spirit in.

I am not a long distance runner…that’s the problem. I already THINK I am not a long distance runner, this is the first thing I need to remedy. So I decided to get myself a coach to get into the right mindset. My coach happens to be a coach that you too can have for free if you are on Audible. Katie Barrett is a professional athlete and coach and I quite like her so far. Her 12 Wk Half Marathon Training Program is currently free on Audible. I don’t know if it will always be free, but I appreciate the material.

Week 1 consists of 3 runs. 1 easy, 1 speed-work, 1 long. If you can run a 5k without stopping and want to train for your first half marathon or increase your speed this could work for you. So far the training consists of somewhat high energy EDM beats with some light repetitive vocals, pretty easy to get lost in the beat without being offended. I found Katie’s cuing to be encouraging and motivating, I hope that she can maintain the groove as the weeks go on.

Week 1 take away: Believing = Achieving. On her guidance I spent a lot of time visualizing my end goal. In my case this is me finishing my Marathon in Hawaii, crowds cheering around me, I can see the time clock in the distance and it reads 3:32:32 seconds, as I pass under the finish line I am amazed at somehow I am running through at exactly 3:33:33. There’s no way I think, but my disbelief only lasts an instant as I see my family waiting for me at the finish line. My dad and stepmom are there with a lei and a bottle of water for me and I run towards them….

Let’s see how this goes…while my first goal is to complete my first 13.1 in December, I plan to keep the long view in mind.

Run 1: Treadmill 2.2 miles, really easy, but super sweaty

Run 2: Outdoors, not sure of distance, hot humid, challenging

Run 3: Outdoors, 3.3 miles, wore a 6lb vest for the first half, hubs wore it for the second half.