Sevilla Smith: The April

Ware: Sevilla Smith Shoes

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I fell in love with the brand nearly a year ago and it took all that time to finally bring a pair into my life. While I am not afraid to spend on an article of clothing that will last and eventually pay for itself in comfort and ease (price/wear always calculated) and I romance the idea of dressing myself in items totally separated from fast-fashion, these pretty little slip-ons are about $100 more than I have ever spent on shoes and probably triple what I usually pay. How could these shoes be that much better than my on sale, less than $80-J.Crew-suede-pointy toed-flats that have been carrying me through at least 11 straight months getting worn at least 4 out of 7 days of the week? I sit for a good part of the workday, but also sometimes have to stand for more than an hour at a time, occasionally for most of the day.

The worst possible thing a piece of clothing can make me feel is uncomfortable, and that is one thing that I say I will not put up with, but I have managed to put up with for 11 months with said J.Crew flats. My feet are on the wide side and my toes are short, so sizing up for width only leaves me with a shoe that will slip off of my heel and cause me to slip and fall on my face. The shoes that served me so well, albeit painfully, for so long would pinch my toes and leave my feet sensitive after a short walk at lunch. Taking them off at my desk or slipping one off at a time while standing gave me a break from the rubbing and pinching, they weren't exactly flirting with my feet.

I shouldn't even have to say as soon as these Sevilla Smith soft-as-butter-shoes came in I threw those pinching-rubbing-PITA shoes in the donation bin, but I will, THOSE PINCHING RUBBING PITA SHOES went into the donation bin IMMEDIATELY.  I was never ever going to put them on again. I knew these shoes would feel good, but I had no idea just how good.

Putting these on for the first time was like nothing else I had ever felt. They were very snug, but not in that tight painful way that shoes that are too narrow feel, but in a big tight hug from a burly grandma feel, secure, yet soft. Darlings, these are handmade shoes with leather soles that are nailed on, not glued. No toxic chemicals. These are really something special. They feel incredibly different from any other shoe I have ever worn. I feel the soles, they are firm, but flexible. The top of the shoe is really more like an extension of me.  I have been wearing them for over a month now and they get worn about 5 days out of the week. The only downfall I have found is that they do not look terribly good with are professional slacks. Quite frankly I haven't missed my slacks all that much. Dresses, narrow pants, shorts, whatever it all goes well with these shoes.

I am constantly stopped, okay maybe not constantly, but I have been asked by at least 8 people in the past month where I got my shoes from and one man stopped me to tell me he loved my shoes. Those people that ask where I got my shoes from are never satisfied with my initial response of "online", they always ask about the brand and then want to know more about the shoes.

Since I have been wearing these shoes for over a month I have noticed that the heel strap has loosened a bit further than I prefer. I contacted the company and promptly received a response from the owner. What a sweetheart! Girlfriend cares about how you feel about your shoes, seriously. She suggested that I probably could have sized down further, but that a filler might help to take up the slack. I have no idea what that means, but I will be sure to write another post on the outcome.

FYI: My typical shoe size is between 7.5 and 8, 8.5 in running shoes sometimes The painful J. Crew flats were a size 8, I always wear an 8 in Frye, and my Sevilla Smith shoes are a 38.

I am not compensated in any way by this company, only receive the comfort of wearing their shoes.